Download: WTGR Magazine – Issue 6

Greetings, and thankyou for taking the time to have a look through this, our sixth issue. It’s taken a little while longer to get this edition finished, mainly due to the fact that there was so much bloody content.

Interviews with Willy Mason, Bastille and our cover stars The 1975; our Top 10 albums of the year; reviews of the most important albums of the last eight weeks as well as a look to the future with acts such as George Ezra, Frida Sundemo and The Weeknd. It’s all here, waiting to be devoured.

The reason for so much more content? Well i’m delighted to say that we are growing quite rapidly, with a team of almost 20 regular contributors now. New faces include Tom Bowen, who taps at his Parisian keyboard while eating baguettes and doing some online beret shopping (not really, he just lives in Paris) and Michael Ventimiglia, who spends all his time in a little place called Central Perk slurping on coffee and hanging around with people who surely couldn’t actually afford apartments that nice in real life (again, not really, but he is from New York. Can you tell I get most of my travel references from not actually travelling?) Both of them are thoroughly nice chaps and we welcome them aboard.

Our highlight of the last few weeks was having the pleasure to stop in on The 1975 on the penultimate day of recording their debut album. We encoutered a band with a bright future ahead of them, brimming with confidence at what they are creating and in absolute control of every detail of their output.



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