Listen: Sportsman – Rally (ft. Linnea Jönsson)

Per Magnusson has been around a while, having played guitar in The Sonnets, but now he’s back, on his own, under the guise of Sportsman.

His debut release, ‘Rally’, is five minutes of echoey, melodic R’n’B and features a guest spot from Those Dancing Days’ Linnea Jönsson.

Speaking of his new project, Magnusson says: “I saw a leopard in a tree. I played football with the local kids. I hung around the streets of Mombasa. After seeing so many amazing things and the exhaustion it brings, I spent two weeks on a beach, overlooking the Indian Ocean. That’s when it dawned on me. I wanted to make music that sounded like the scenery in front of me. Dark as the looming clouds in the sky, but with the same glowing edges. The name was found on a pack of cigarettes in the sand.”

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