Listen: The 1975 – Chocolate

We got huge love for The 1975 here at WTGR, praising both their previous EPs, Facedown and Sex. The newly announced Music For Cars EP, released in March, will be the third in a trilogy before their much anticipated debut album in the spring.

It’s lead single, ‘Chocolate’, has been knocking around for a while, when the group were performing under various names. It seems to finally have come to a settle though, and we’re glad it has. The tracks floats by on an irresistable groove and summery guitar line.

When lead singer Matt Healy spoke to us in the band’s first ever face-to-face interview, he had this to say about band’s debut album. “It’s a haberdashery of past singles and old stuff, it has been focused down into a collective piece of work. There’s tracks on there that people would have heard live, and older tracks that we’ve reworked. This album is a soundtrack to our formative years, so it would be dishonest to not put songs on there that we wrote when we were 21, as we want people to connect to it in the same way that we do.”


Read the full interview with The 1975 here.

Photo by the wonderful Adam Caldwell.

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