New Video: Frightened Rabbit – Backyard Skulls

We got alot of love for Frightened Rabbit. When musing upon their new album, we called Pedestrian Verse “a collection of songs that are beautifully honest, superbly melodic and knowingly direct.”

‘Backyard Skulls’ inparticular came in for praise: “Tracks such as the driving, anthemic ‘Backyard Skulls’ provide muscle, building on a rumbling bass motif and urgent drums into a melody so windingly confident it is easy to forget that Hutchinson is essentially singing about digging up people in his back garden, cooing “all our secrets are smothered in dirt underneath paving stones, lying, waiting to be told”.  It isn’t far away from the radio-friendly sound of Mixed Drinks… , but the production is notably less cluttered, with instruments given space to breath, allowing the wonderful addition of organ to really make its mark.

We stand by that. And now it has a shiny new video. It’s lovely too.

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