Listen: The Old Silent – Ill Wind

It’s almost unbelievable to think that The Old Silent have only been an actual, like, existing band since February of this year. What’s so incredibly exciting is that their debut single, released on 17th June, shows so much damn promise.

Consisting of four gents from the Liverpool music scene that at last seem to have struck on a winning formula, The Old Silent are an alluring mix of grungy guitars, folky harmonies and wistful melodies.

According the group themselves, ‘Ill Wind’ is “a song about a time when I was feeling restless and anxious about the future.” says vocalist and guitarist Ste Forshaw “We were really skint trying to make a living as buskers through a long winter, and I was really far away from my girlfriend in London at the time.”

‘Ill Wind’ will be released as part of a double A Side single on 17th June.

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