New Video: Paper Lions – Philadelphia

Prince Edward Island quartet Paper Lions release their new album, My Friends, in August and ahead of time have released its first single, ‘Philadelphia’ as a free download.

Beginning with their four voice singing acapella before entering into a booming, fuzzy guitar riff, it doesn’t sound a million miles from what Fleet Foxes would sound like if they spent their childhoods listening exclusively to Weezer.

So in love with them are we that we interviewed the band recently in a lovely little Introducing peice, during which guitarist Colin Buchanan assured us that the rest of the album was in a similar vein: “The album is definitely more in the vein of “Philly,” with full out rock production and such. I think that is the place we are most comfortable writing from. With loud drums and amps in a room…”

Watch a live performance of ‘Philapelphia’ below, and download the track here.

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