Track of the Day: Trails and Ways – Come Te Vas

California four-piece Trails and Ways have become something of a favourite of ours. Their infectiously sunny melodies have made previous singles – ‘Mtn Tune’, ‘Border Crosser’ and ‘Nunca’ – joys to behold that pitch them somewhere between Vampire Weekend and Local Natives, if both were even sunnier than they already are.

The group are readying the release of their new EP, Trilingual, on the 11th June and have just unveiled further single, ‘Come Te Vas’.  Ian from the band explains the meaning behind the song: “It’s inspired by Emma’s last days before leaving Spain, cold-water dives from jagged rocks, a coastline in the grip of early summer, and a lover asking “Como te vas?”–“How are you leaving?”–until the question becomes its own answer: “This is how you’re going”.”

Built around echoey handclaps, a swirling synth and Emma Oppen’s lighter-than-air vocal it’s safe to say this is another slice of summer courtesy of your new favourite band.

Trilingual is out on the 11th June via Non Market Records. Download ‘Come Te Vas’ from the band’s Facebook page.

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