Listen: Cymbals – The End

Some songs seem to capture perfectly the woozy intoxication that goes along with a night out with a good group of people. When you’re never sure what time it is. Whether it’s morning, or still evening. Is that the sun setting or the sun coming up?

The new cut by Cymbals is one of those songs. Spread out over its seven minutes, this is, according to singer Jack Cleverley about “the night and the night out. It’s about dancing with your eyes closed. It started on guitar but we tore it apart. The song contains some old memories for me, but equally, somewhere in there, I hope you hear your memories too.”

It will feature on the group’s new album, which is scheduled for release later this year. Until then, just put your dancing shoes on and relax into this.

Listen to ‘The End’ below.

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