WTGR Premiere: Lizabett Russo – Lose Your Colour

We get sent alot of stuff. Hundreds of emails every day. Unfortunately most of it makes you wish you were born without ears, or at the very least makes you question why you set up a silly little blog in the first place.

There are days though (plenty of them too, so don’t feel too sorry for us) where a new, completely undiscovered artist will get in touch. They include a little bio, perhaps nothing out of the ordinary, and you click a soundcloud link for the 30th time that day. The reason I do this blog is for the feeling I get when the song starts playing and you quickly realise that something quite wonderful is coming out of the speakers. ‘Wonderful’ has many meanings. It could be the dirtiest dub-break we’ve ever heard, or the softest, gentlest acoustic lullaby.

‘Lose Your Colour’ by Lizabett Russo, is the latter and sits somewhere between Eliza Doolittle and Norah Jones. The Transilvaynia-via-London-and-then-Scotland 21-year-old has been travelling, writing and recording for a few years now and has just released her first EP, The Traveller’s Song, which is home to three glorious little acousti-pop songs. We’re delighted to premiere the EP’s opening track, ‘Lose Your Colour’, which bobs along on a impossibly jaunty beat and is accompanied by Russo’s sugar-sweet vocals. It is the sound of summer condensed into a three-and-a-half minute pop ditty.

The Traveller’s Song EP is available now.

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