Download: F.U.R.S- Going Nowhere

We know very little about F.U.R.S, other than the fact they are a trio from London that sound more like they’re from New York. Then again, when a band make music this enjoyable, who needs a biography eh?

In the wake of debut single ‘Striptease’, a seductive slice of pop-infused garage rock that was released through ‘Loose Lips’ earlier this year, the trio have started to build anticipation to a follow up single with a limited free download through their official soundcloud.

‘Going Nowhere’ takes the gloriously retro nuances of F.U.R.S’ sound into more sumptuous territories, as saxophones, Roxy Music-esque guitars and ‘doo wop’ backing vocals combine to create a track that is altogether rather refreshing.

A follow up single is expected to be announced soon from Loose Lips Records, but for now download ‘Going Nowhere’ below:

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