Track of the Day: Lovelier Other – Wonderkind

Lovelier Other first popped up in November with their debut single, the attention grabbing, heart-warming ‘Leave This Behind’. Then, in February came the equally wonderful ‘Hidden Shelters’. The elusive duo will release their debut EP, Effort, later on this year.

To keep us topped up with LO goodness until then, the twosome have dropped third single ‘Wonderkind’. Four-and-a-half minutes of dreamy kaleidoscope pop, the great thing about this track is that underpinning the lushness and the trickery is a melody. A proper, classic melody. While that in itself, when put in writing, doesn’t sound particularly impressive, take it from us: the list of bedroom artists  dedicated to something roughly within the ‘chillwave’ camp that smother everything in reverb, bubbles and blips, and forget about the actual tunes is longer than the sentance i’ve had to construct to make the point.

Listen to ‘Wonderkind’ below, and stay tuned for the Effort EP.

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