Listen: Franz Ferdinand – Love Illumination & Right Action

Franz Ferdinand are amongst a handful of noughties bands that, after promising introductions, find themselves almost a decade (a decade!) later with the general air of unfulfilled potential wafting around them.

They’re yet to release a truly hideous album – although 2009’s Tonight: Franz Ferdinand was largely unnecessary – but they are also yet to release something truly great.

Their re-introduction begins today, with the release of two new songs from their forthcoming Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action album.

The near-title-track ‘Right Action’  is an absolute blast, perhaps the most playful thing the group have ever done. Certainly the most funky. There are still those little dark shades that sneak through in Alex Kapranos’s voice and a quick drop to a minor chord, but largely this is strutting, peacocking indie-pop at it’s finest.

‘Love Illumination’ drops the funk for something more straight down the line, more handclappy. Both are the sound of a band having amazing amounts of fun.

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action is scheduled for release on 26th August. Listen to ‘Right Action’ and ‘Love Illumination’ below.

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