Listen: Mutya Keisha Siobhan – Flatline

As far as noughties-pop reformations go, the return of the ‘original Sugababes’ didn’t exactly have us beside ourselves (I mean they’ve had more lineup changes than Fleetwood Mac in the last 10 years) so it’s actually been pretty hard to know who’s in the band anyway.

This pessimistic view however was completely flipped when we heard ‘Lay Down In Swimming Pools’ earlier this year, a Kendrick Lamar-sampling slice of nu-R&B brilliance that got us incredibly excited about three names: Mutya, Keisha, and Siobhan.

With production mastermind Dev Hynes behind them, anticipation has hit boiling point about a forthcoming album from the trio, a trend sure to follow in the wake of their first official single, which dropped earlier today.

Though it’s not immediately resonant, the tight harmonies and empowered emotion of ‘Flatline’ packs a much needed punch from the trio (with vocal ad-libs galore), whilst Hynes’ fingerprints lie all over the throwback instrumentation and signature 90’s resurgent beat.

Is there anything this man can’t produce?

‘Flatline’ is out September 1st via Polydor, check it out below:

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