Track of the Day: F.U.R.S – Just Kids

One of many trios that have had us enamoured this year, F.U.R.S’ bring a bonafide sense of glamour to the musical landscape, bridging the gap between genres in a movement they themselves rather deliciously describe as ‘Pop and Roll’.

Not too long ago we featured the seductive ‘Going Nowhere’ as a free download, a sort of unofficial follow up to debut single ‘Striptease’ which was released back in March through Loose Lips records.

This week has seen the London three-piece announce a proper sequel that looks set to drop at the end of the summer (after no doubt soundtracking any montage worthy road trip in the build up).

Taking F.U.R.S’ effortless panache into grander terrains, ‘Just Kids’ sees the trio’s glimmering retro nuances remain untouched alongside an unashamedly massive chorus, embracing a new direction that is anything but childish.

The physical release ‘Just Kids’ drops on August 19th via Loose Lips records, though a download will be available July 9th on iTunes, check it out below:

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