New Video: Black Light Dinner Party – We Are Golden

Right, let’s start with a disclaimer before the know-it-alls get on their high horses/any other high thing. We know this is a website for ‘new’ music, but sometimes it’s good to cover certain things that are great, but were off our radar when they properly dropped a little while back.

Earlier this year, NYC four piece Black Light Dinner Party announced a long awaited debut album, after steadily building hype since 2011 with their catchy, yet emotionally resonant brand of synth pop.

‘Sons and Lovers’ isn’t due out until September 24th, but with the buzz around the quartet reaching boiling point, their ambitious melodies and huge choruses undeniably have the potential to dominate the summer nights.

The track that has perhaps seen the most attention so far is past single ‘We Are Golden’, which despite dropping in February, may very well end up soundtracking the rest of your heatwave (plus the video is pretty spectacular).

Incredible animations from Dreambear accompany the huge single, as twinkling synths and desperate vocals play against a backdrop of flying tetris blocks, pirates, and talking polar bears.

There is also a video game for the song (as you do), which can be played here, whilst Black Light Dinner Party’s debut album ‘Sons and Lovers’ looks set to drop on September 24th via Decimal. One. Records.

Check out the video for ‘We Are Golden’ below, or if you happen to be on a mobile device watch it here.

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