New Video: The Royal Concept – On Our Way

Back in May, our favourite Scandinavian just-out-of-bed indie-poppers dropped the audio of new single ‘On Our Way’, which at the time we described thusly:

“At times ‘On Our Way’ borders on ‘hands in the air’ Euro-pop. Actually, scrap that. All the way through this sounds exactly like ‘hands in the air’ Euro-pop. Don’t be cynical. Enjoy the ride. Because this is ENORMOUS amounts of fun.”

And as if to back that statement even more the group have now unleashed an official video for the track which features the group dicking around in sweeping, sunsoaked panoramic scenes of Americana. There are flares. There are girls. There are parties and there are top down drives through the desert.

It all looks a million miles away from their native Stockholm, but this is dynamite three-and-a-half-minute pop music.

Watch the video for ‘On Our Way’ below.

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