New Video: The 1975 – Sex & Chocolate (Live at the Log Cabin)

With The 1975’s debut album exactly a month away – for those of us in the UK at least – we understand that anticipation and excitement are running pretty fucking high. We got a lotta love the Manchester four-piece.

We gushed about the original version of ‘The City’ well over a year ago now; we did their first ever face-to-face interview; and recently kicked back with Matty and Jesse from The Neighbourhood in NYC.

We’re hoping then that the two below videos will tide over those of you that are getting as fidgety as we are. Taken from a recent session with Myspace, the clips see the group tackle previous singles ‘Sex’ and ‘Chocolate’ from New York’s Log Cabin studios.

The band sound big. Beefy. With a live sound honed from more than a year almost permanently on the road these takes are spot on, with ‘Sex’ inparticular growing and growing into well deserved anthemic status.

Watch ‘Sex’ and ‘Chocolate’ below from the Myspace Log Cabin session. The 1975’s debut album is scheduled for release on 9th September.

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