Listen: Tennis – Mean Streets

Despite how many Tennis press releases we’ve seen since they first came on the radar back in 2011, the fact that this particular duo are husband and wife still makes us collectively go “awwww” every time we read it.

In a way it’s like Aliana Moore and Patrick Riley are living out the scenario the romantic in all of us secretly wants from every male/female musical duo (She and Him, The Kills, and Beach House we’re looking at you).

Anyway, soppiness aside, Tennis have released two starry eyed indie pop albums over the last two years, and a recent signing to Communion Records has just thrown a forthcoming third record into the mix. Although an as yet unnamed full length follow up to 2012′s Young and Old won’t be out until Spring next year, the Denver duo are keeping fans in the loop with a new EP, titled Small Sounds due out next month, the first track from which is now available to hear online.

Building on that typically dreamy Tennis framework, ‘Mean Streets’ romantically floats over a slow beat and some charming piano, creating a simplistic soundscape you just want to amble around town to (well, the nice parts of town anyway).

Small Sounds is released November 5th on Communion Records, check out ‘Mean Streets’ below.

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