WTGR Premiere: The Night VI // Fears

Of all the new bands that we’ve introduced to you over the course of 2013, Anglo-French sextet The Night VI have been one that we’ve returned to over and over again. There Still Thinking of You EP, released earlier this year, not only contained monster debut single ‘Thinking Of You’ but also fleshed out their sound, adding folky torch songs and smooth and subtlety anthemic pop-rock to their arsenal.

We are therefore absolutely delighted to unveil ‘Fears’, their first new material since the aforementioned EP. A devastatingly beautiful and downbeat track, it showcases an intimacy not yet seen from the group, highlighted in the breathtaking vocal by singer Sophie-Rose Harper.

Speaking exclusively to WTGR about the song Harper explains how the track came about: “‘Fears’ was written in 2 parts, with the verses written in the winter and the chorus in the summer. I felt I needed time to breath a little when working on it but when we revisited it in the summer it all started to make sense. It’s a song about giving up on something you have put all of your energy into but then like a lullaby it provides a voice or higher being in the chorus, speaking up and giving you a shake to remind you that only you can find your way back from loss or failing. Looking back I guess the seasons informed the changing positive and negative emotions I was feeling.”

“We procrastinated for a long time on how to put this down,” adds guitarist and producer Jack Gourlay. “Ultimately I felt the recording should feel as vulnerable and fragile as the lyrical message and favour warmth and space over perfection. The recording was pieced together out of a combination of old demo takes and new parts tracked by the band at our Stoke Newington studio over a couple of months. I consciously used a DIY approach to find the right recording techniques and textures of sound and tone. Equally harpist Anna followed a similar process and used our drummer’s handwriting when crafting the artwork for Fears. It is very exciting to be putting new material out that we have created ourselves entirely from start to end.”

Listen to ‘Fears’ and see the artwork below.

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