Track of the Day: George Ezra // Let It Snow (cover)

“Oh the weather outside is frightful….” those mere six words have the power to strike immense fear into the heart of anyone working in retail at Christmas. Or of course they just bring a warm sense of festivity to anyone else, but needless to say as far as christmas songs go, ‘Let It Snow’ is a biggy, made famous in the last sixty years by Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and… of course, Cascada.

When we saw our boy George Ezra was covering this classic we were overcome with a mix of excitement and confusion, would his raspy tone work on such a smooth like butter number? Would he go down the Buble route or completely turn it on his head and make it his own? Thankfully, this is perfect, and everything we wanted it to be.

Ezra’s raw vocal intensity couldn’t be further from the smooth crooning style of the original (or the countless covers from over the years), yet somehow it still manages to bring festive cheer, whilst simultaneously confirming why this guy is gonna be huge any minute now.

George Ezra’s fantastic debut EP Did You Hear The Rain is out now on Sony Music, check out his cover of ‘Let It Snow’ below:

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