Listen: Escape To New York // Growing Pains

In John Carpenter’s 1981 film Escape From New York, the city that never sleeps has been turned into a maximum security prison due to uncontrolable crime in a bleak, futuristic 1997. To be fair, Oasis released Be Here Now in actual real life 1997, so it turns out Carpenter wasn’t too far off the mark in terms of its bleakness. In a bizarre turn of unfortunate events, Kurt Russell’s character, the one-eyed Snake (stop sniggering at the back) Plissken has to save the President from the clutches NYC’s most dangerous criminals.

The images of New York that Carpenter paints are dark and rundown. It is perhaps appropriate then, that a band with such a similar name have been compared to musical miserablists (and WTGR favourites) The National. Whilst comparisons to such greatness are, at this stage, ludicrous, there is certainly something intoxicating about the Derbyshire four-piece’s boomy indie-rock.

Debut single ‘Growing Pains’ circles around winding, chiming guitar and a neat, Devendorf-esque rhythm with the group showing impressive songwriting subtleties, opting to layer their sound rather than smack you over the head with sheer volume. Escape to New York, you have our attention.

Listen to ‘Growing Pains’ below.

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