Track of the Day: Fickle Friends // SWIM

It’s 2014. Time for a new musical slate. New singles, albums to look forward to hearing, and bands you have yet to fall in love with. When you look out your window, and the only colours you see are shades of grey and (dirty) white (snow) – an upbeat, summer feel tune like SWIM is more than welcome.  Having just released their debut single three days ago, it’s seen nearly 30,000 listens on Fickle Friends’ SoundCloud page.

This happy, dancey, bright, pop-inflused debut single (with absolutely glorious production) excites me.  The term ‘pop music’ can come with negative connotations more often than not, but the 80’s pop influence is a good thing on this track.

‘SWIM’  makes you want to have a little dance in your chair, whether it’s the first, or fifteenth time you’ve listened to it. It feels similar to the more upbeat songs by favourites The 1975, and Little Comets, with gorgeously dreamy female vocals.

You can vote up their single on the Hypem Charts if you’re into it that, but make sure you have a listen below.