Track of the Day: Cheerleader // New Daze

Nostalgia is a funny thing. I’ve always found it somewhat perplexing how one simple musical nuance can immediately conjure an entire generation of music, whether we’re talking about the 90’s encapsulation of former Unsigned Band of the Month Night Flowers, or how recent ‘Introducing…’ artist Marika Hackman embodies the development of folk music whilst simultaneously bringing a fresh edge to proceedings.

It is this idea of ‘pushing things forward’ that hinges the success of acts that craft their sound by looking back, and finding the perfect middle ground between musical reminiscence and creative innovation.

Without going too analytical and formal, which I fear i’ve already done (the result of too many coffees this afternoon), what i’m trying to say is few acts hit the nostalgic sweet spot so early on into their careers, which is what makes a band like Cheerleader so exciting.

Hailing from Philadelphia, this self proclaimed ‘Hazy Electro-Pop Quintet’ have been around for a while (well, a couple of years), though buzz around them has been pretty sporadic more recently, a trait that is no doubt about to change as their undeniably strong debut single finally has a video (directed by Ciaran Wood none the less).

‘New Daze’ radiates a gloriously retro charm through lo-fi production and winding guitars, yet Cheerleader’s debut single still feels like a throughly modern affair, filled with immersive, meticulous nuances that only become apparent over multiple listens. This is timeless, like all good indie-pop should be.

You’ll no doubt be hearing a lot more from Cheerleader very soon, for now check out the video for ‘New Daze’ below:

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