Listen: Broken Bells // After The Disco

Nearly a decade after rising to notoriety when Jay-Z and The Beatles became his musical calling card with The White Album, Brian Burton’s (aka Danger Mouse) latest work with the musical outfit, Broken Bells, sets its sights for an intensely existential assessment on their single, ‘After The Disco’.

Fellow musician and Shins lead singer, James Mercer, becomes the vocal outlet that ruminates on the loss of youth, the deceit of love, and the inevitable disappointment that comes standard with particular phases in life, unable to ignore the fact that “after the disco the shine just fades away”.

The song’s hidden metaphor implies that even if wonderful events lie on the horizon, you are unable to outrun the sense of guilt, regret, and most frighteningly – a lack of fulfillment due to decisions that potentially altered certain things you should have by a particular point in life.

It is an odd subject to tackle over the infectious bass guitar rhythm spanning throughout the duration of the recording, its marriage with the other solid rhythmic elements evoking the spirit of disco that the song’s title implies. After all, who’s to say that one’s personal crisis of existence isn’t entitled to an appropriate soundtrack?

Consider this track such an option.

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