Listen: Wild Beasts // Wanderlust

The sinister edge of Wild Beasts’ track, ‘Wanderlust’, wastes no time in laying the groundwork for what essentially becomes a cinematic display of gothic choir voices layered atop a relentless drum track trailing the echoes of analog bass rhythms that shift all throughout.

An arresting effect that utilizes the finest characteristics of dissonance, or in this song’s particular case, a captivating attempt to unearth the concealed beauty lurking within the shadows in an effort to “feel things one’s never felt” and “see things one has never seen”.

Vocalist Hayden Thorpe also reminds those within listening radius not “to confuse him with somebody that gives a fuck”, and the hushed manner of that phrase’s execution rivals with borderline theatrical. Yet, it works perfectly in tandem with the melancholic shifts in tone from a supporting synthesizer harmonic figure – both the lyrics and synth melody’s distinct frequencies clashing as they slowly bleed into each other.

Even with their assortment of heavy-handed themes, dark sounds and cyclic rhythm patterns at the musical forefront, Wild Beasts’ ability to manipulate the listener’s expectations within this despair-tinged recording is an impressive feat, and plays out like a fantasy scenario where Antony Hegarty and Robert Smith’s bleakest and poppiest ambitions come to fruition.

Listen to ‘Wanderlust’ below.

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