Track of the Day: Soulmates Never Die // Kyss Kyss

January. The most blue of months. Too much money was spent in December, and too much food consumed. Climbing the stairs now leaves you with a stitch, made worse by the burden of guilt from knowing you should probably be at the gym.

But get this, right. FUCK THE GYM.

Why? Because I guarantee you that you’ll burn the same number of calories dancing around your room to Soulmates Never Die’s ‘Kyss Kyss’ on repeat. The work of Leeds’ Joshua McCarthy, Soulmates Never Die have just released a new EP, released on a limited hard copy run of just 50 CDs. It has already received airplay from XFM, Amazing Radio and 6Music, and we can see why. It’s a wonderful array of lo-fi fuzziness and winning melodies.

Never more so than on ‘Kyss Kyss’. Just two minutes long, this is a short, sharp blast of pop goodness masquerading as ‘indie’. You may disagree but to me this sounds like the lazier, more relaxed sibling to Toni Basil’s ‘Hey Mickey’. Is that a compliment? Well, if you have to ask then you have lots to learn.

Listen to ‘Kyss Kyss’ below, and start burning those calories.

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