Track of the Day: Wouie // Sydow

We love a band that can tell a good story. And we love Scandinavians. So imagine our delight when we run into a Scandinavian band that can tell a good story. In their own words, Sweden’s Wouie ‘formed in 2013 during the last days of winter when the cold still had Stockholm in its grip‘. Now how good does that sound?! And there’s more. ‘With a distraction from the melancholy of the Swedish weather in mind, the duo began to write songs…‘ We’re already sold.

The fact that the duo’s first ever song, ‘Sydow’, sounds like a wonderful cross between Phoenix and The Royal Concept makes us love them all the more. These guys are in fact so brand new that us here at WTGR account for their very first two ‘Likes’ on Facebook. Yup, they are THAT new (or they’re just rubbish at social networking), but either way: First. Two. Likes.

With pop chops of this calibre we’re sure they’ll be rolling in social media fandom in no time at all though, and like pretty much every scandinavian artist we discover, Wouie simply make us want to pack our bags, go to Sweden and never come back, which is probably the sign of a good pop song.

We’ll keep you posted on any Wouie activities in the future (as we stay firmly rooted on British shores), for now though check out ‘Sydow’ below:

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