Track of the Day: Lists // Autumn

Scotland’s, or more precisely Edinburgh’s, rather un-Google-able Lists has just uploaded his debut track, ‘Autumn’ to Soundcloud, and what a treat it is; all gentle, brooding, Scottish lilt over delicately plucked guitar, a three minute plus lament to the foolishness of thinking there is always more time.

It brings to mind some Scotland’s alternative artists such as Malcolm Middleton or those in Lost Maps’ (formed from the smouldering ashes of Fence Records) stable, particularly The Pictish Trail.

These influences were perhaps infused into Lists by the production of the track, by Jamie Savage, at renowned Glasgow studio Chem19, whose doors have previously graced the like of Arab Strap, Twilight Sad and legendary Power Puff Girls end theme / Eurodisco writers Bis.

However, despite these influences it would be wrong, very wrong indeed to dismiss ‘Autumn’. In fact with this distinct debut track that infuses hope almost as soon as it takes it away again, Lists has managed to clearly begun to stake out his own niche and the final refrain of “it’s autumn soon, let’s just try to see the summer through” should have you nodding your head and tipping your single malt in a knowing salute to love’s autumn days.

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