Track of the Day: Felt Tip // Milk & Honey

London 3-piece Felt Tip are set to make waves with the impending release of their second single ‘Milk & Honey’.  While they retain the melancholic feel and the vocal style frontman James Taylor utilized on their first release, ‘Love or Pity’, they’ve also created a very distinct entity here.  Gone are the jagged guitar beats, replaced by a much more psychedelic, bass-heavy sound.

In fact, ‘Milk & Honey’ is much more reminiscent of Peace, with some post-punk influence thrown in there for good measure.  This might sound like an unusual combo, but the unique sound is intonxicating. When you first listen to the track, the instrumentals jump out, but after a few goes, it’s actually Taylor’s vocals that ties the whole thing together.  These subtleties ensure it’s a grower.

In releasing two top-notch singles thusfar, Felt Tip have shown some serious potential, and has us practically begging for an EP or full album to come out soon.

Listen to ‘Milk & Honey’ below.