Track of the Day: Vitamin // Need Air

One of the exciting things about running a new music is the acts you don’t feature. Wait. That sounds weird. Let me explain. There are hundreds of bands that sling debut singles online that are good, but for whatever reason just don’t have that killer instinct and therefore we wait, cross and fingers and hope that what they come back with next time is in possession of ‘it’. Unfortunately, not many do.

Leeds teenagers Vitamin are different. Their debut release was one of those afformentioned ‘wait and see’ releases, and it’s all kinds of exciting to hear what they’ve returned with. There is a great buzz from seeing a band getting better in front of your eyes.

‘Need Air’ mixes Bombay Bicycle, Friendly Fires and Crystal Fighters into a diamante blender that produces three minutes that are as musically nutritious as you’d expect from a band with such a name. It’s big without being bloated, anthemic without becoming cliched, spacious without being vacant.

This time they’ve nailed it. Now take your Vitamins.

Listen to ‘Need Air’ below.

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