Track of the Day: Sir Sly // You Haunt Me

The unstoppable rise of LA trio Sir Sly has been something of a joy to watch. First of all from afar, when back in January 2013 we started writing about them, touting them as ones that would be worth keeping an eye on. In November of 2013 we went one step further and listed them as one of the 51 Bands That Would Make 2014 Awesome.

Then finally, in March of this year our paths crossed in New York and we talked talk about being them control freaks, what 2014 holds for the trio and why it will be the year of ‘Sly-Fi’ for an Introducing… piece.

We are then, as you can imagine, pretty excited to hear what the boys do next. And now we can. ‘You Haunt Me’ is the first single to be released from their upcoming debut album of the same name and we’re pleased to say they have proved us right: it’s awesome.

‘You Haunt Me’ is confident. It moves with a drive time swagger and ducks and dives like a nimble featherweight boxer. It’s streamlined. It’s polished. It’s ready for the radio, sure. But that is where songs like these belong. Out in the ether. This is yours now.

Listen to ‘You Haunt Me’ below.

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