WTGR Premiere: Ellenberg // Cities Between Us

There is a certain bittersweet end to summer – one that fills you all the same with an ache of sorrow, longing, and satisfaction. Freckled by those sun-kissed months, ‘Cities Between Us’ is the second track to come from Ellenberg, layered with transitory emotion and synth nuance. And it’s a smashing follow-up.

Quite a bit different from his debut release ‘Platonic’ – playing with darker hues – ‘Cities Between Us’ soars on a breezy high. It is very contained and polished, accented with a flood of polyrhythmic electronics that arrive at the precise moments. It’s refreshing every now and then to run across a pop number such as this that is alive with a youthful, pulsing energy.

This musical feat is at the wandering soles of a childhood spent between cities, across oceans and in the midst of discovery. The nostalgia of having to somehow let go and still hold on at the same time rings through the melancholy, to be replaced by an airy optimism. Having been written on the Croatian Island of Brač at the end of a long festival-filled summer, so is the parting emotion.

Ellenberg’s vocals fall lightly on the palette, fluctuating between a clean timbre and washed synthpop ornamentation. All the while an up-tempo dance bass builds in the background, piano acting as the sinew of melody. “It’s not easy for me to move on / when there are cities between us,” he belts.

New track ‘Cities Between Us’ gently breaks the freedom of the summer idle with a resounding urgency, leaving behind that bittersweet aftertaste we first mentioned. It paints the perfect wayfaring portrait, really – one we hope to hear again, and again.

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