Listen: Actor // Feline

Welcome to the heavier side of pop. Three-piece Leeds band, Actor, released their debut track ‘Feline’ and it’s well…fierce. Featuring Louisa Osborn on vocals, the track showcases the versatility of her voice, which could easily sway towards lighter pop fare or a gritty garage-rock quality.

The comparisons have already been made to Florence + The Machine and POLICA, but there’s something more in-your-face about Osborn’s execution. There’s no reservations, nothing holding her back. Here’s everything perfectly laid out for you, take it or leave.

With the addition of a swelling production and catchy melodies, ‘Feline’ is well on its way to becoming an anthem and Actor is about to be rejuvenate the concept of pop… with a twist.

Listen to ‘Feline’ below.

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