WTGR Premiere: Voyagers // Door Is Open (ft. She Drew the Gun)

It’s always exciting when the experienced start a new musical outfit; looking back through their previous works, you can usually feel sure that they’ll re-arrive knowing exactly what they’re doing, with a track that won’t threaten to discredit their talent.

Of course, that doesn’t just apply to the musicians that appear on stage and at photoshoots, but also those who put their unique stamp on track after track whilst – more often than not – remaining out of the limelight; producers. That’s just one reason why we’re pleased to premiere ‘Door is Open’, the debut track from Voyagers.

Before forming Voyagers, Rich Turvey and Tom Longworth built production portfolios that include Vitamin, Clean Cut Kid, Darlia and Girl Friend. It’s no surprise, then, that their inaugural track sounds like a duo that found their feet long ago.

Opening with the gentle pluck of a guitar, and the subdued sound of a siren, ‘Door is Open’ settles into a mellow groove instantly. From there, a bouncing bassline drives a whirring track that takes the best of modern electronic production techniques and filters them into something that sounds a little more classic; tasteful and timeless, rather than retro for the sake of it.

On ‘Door is Open’ Louisa of She Drew the Gun provides a simple, yet extremely effective, vocal track that floats in a dream-like state just above the duo’s instrumental input. The two halves work together to create a lush, charming package that’s easy to get lost in.

With the release of their debut track, Voyagers’ door is open, and behind it lies the promise of a very bright future

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