WTGR Premiere: Ellenberg // Moving On

We’ve been following the widescreen pop of young Croatian Ellenberg ever since his debut single ‘Cities Between Us’ charmed us back in February, adding a needed dose of European sun to a cold, winter-fatigued London.

Second single ‘Dust’ followed, and added more soul and a more downbeat tone to Ellenberg’s repertoire. The skyscraper synths sat next to canyon-crossing melodies and showcased an emotional depth we hadn’t heard from him at that point.

Now comes single three. Will Ellenberg use it as a chance to consolidate or again choose to push his sound into new territories? Impressively, he picks the latter. ‘Moving On’ sees this young artist try his hand at a proper dance floor ready trancey, dancey megabeast. And brilliantly, he completely wins it. The song soars with the vibrancy of youth echoed in the song’s cover art, which sees Ellenberg launching himself off a boat in the deep blue water below.

Croatia’s Ellenberg has just delivered the final piece of his opening trilogy. And like all great trilogies, it marks the convergence of what’s gone before it. Action packed and adrenaline fuelled, ‘Moving On’ is blockbuster in every way.

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