WTGR Premiere: Secret Company // Midnight Rush

The name Secret Company probably rings a bell. It might be because of the widespread critical acclaim that their debut EP Saviour received, or it might be because of their appearance on Made in Chelsea (we’ve also covered them on WTGR quite extensively in the past). Either way, you may well already be a fan.

Anyway, the band are back with their brand new video for ‘Midnight Rush’. It’s a whole lot darker than their previous releases, but no less addictive. The steady beat and bass line give the track its powerful drive, coming together to form the perfect platform for lead singer Scott Revell’s haunting, layered vocals.

The incentive behind ‘Midnight Rush’ was Roy Orbison’s ‘I Drove All Night’, and I think we can all agree that the final product is pretty far removed from its initial starting point.  According to Revell, “The track takes you on a journey.” , which is definitely true, and If there was ever a lesson in how to build up momentum throughout a song, this is it. There’s not a single drop in energy during its whole four minute existence.

“The song sets the scene of being late at night, when you’re most vulnerable to letting feelings overtake you and then maybe doing something you shouldn’t,” continues Revell. The single’s most prominent lyric – “No one has to know” – perhaps best captures this sentiment, but makes his pont as concise and relatable as possible.

Watch the video for ‘Midnight Rush’ below, exclusively on When The Gramophone Rings:

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