The Fickle Friends Guide to Live at Leeds 2017

So, in case you didn’t see before, When The Gramophone Rings have only been given a bloody stage at Live at Leeds Festival this year, and needless to say we’re beyond hyped.

On April 29th we’ll be taking over The Lending Room with a stellar lineup, including Childhood, Bad Sounds, The Academic, October Drift, Yonaka and a host of others.

In the latest instalment in a series of posts building up to the festival, Natti from WTGR favourites Fickle Friends investigated the lineup, compiling the ultimate guide to anyone heading up there this year. Here’s what she came back with…

So I looked through the Live at Leeds line up. It’s bloody smashing isn’t it!
Sometimes I dread festivals because I can’t handle the traumatising task of choosing what to watch and watch to miss out on. True FOMO, or FFOMO (Festival FOMO).

Anyway, the cruel people at WTGR (I love you really) have set me that exact task so I’m going to share with you my ‘What not to miss list’, my actual list is just the full line up really but unfortunately there is only one of me, and probably only one of you so here’s something a little more manageable


So if you love Nirvana, you will love Freak. It’s one guy and he’s got a couple mates in his band…or maybe it’s all of them I’m not sure. They’re a new discovery for me. They supported ma buddies Black Honey in Brighton the other night and I thought it really was the s**t. NOT to be missed if you wanna thrash around and mosh and so on.


If you wanna boogieeeeee. These guys are on my running playlist. And my party playlist. And I am OBSESSED with the music video for ‘Shock Horror’ where they’re like falling through the sky. It’s so rad. It’s Karma Kid’s new thang and it’s so vibey and Jones features on a song and she’s a babe. So yeah, DO NOT MISS THIS IF YOU LIKE TO PARTY.

Off Bloom

 Trio from Denmark. Formed in Copenhagen… so that makes them cool already. I saw them play the other night for some Clash thing and I was blown away. Mostly by the volume of sound coming out of the system, but also but how captivating Mette (the lead singer) was. People have been describing it as deconstructed pop. Basically I’d recommend if you like Phantogram, the heavier side of Emilie Nicolas, that SICK Tove Lo song ‘Not On Drugs’… it’s badass. (Bring earplugs)


Now they couldn’t not be on my list, being that I am a complete fangirl. They’re basically a modern day Beatles. The melodies, the harmonies, the poetic lyrics. It’s all warm and jangly. Every song is so beautifully put together. They appear SUPER muso in a very good way. They film amazing a capella videos in sick reverby locations, like tunnels. Go see, die with jealousy that you’re never going to be that talented ever. Well YOU might but I won’t.


If you like sexy distinct male vocals and smooth pop hooks, Tinashe is ya man! The band are incredible, his stage presence is hard to take your eyes away from. Moves for days. Belting voice. A perfect blend of upbeat and slow ride songs. He’s been doing the Bastille tour and I cannot wait for his album. Go check out ‘Palms’, which is my fave song.


How could I not include my uni buddies. I’m obsessed with Theresa’s vocals. They are, for lack of another word, INSANE. Now I seriously struggle to describe their sound as I don’t really know anything quite like it. ‘Dark Pop Alt Rock’… so basically BIG guitar riffs, BIG drums, super catchy melodies delivered by edgy vocals, which kinda sound like she could have been a mad jazz singer but then went all angsty. I saw someone describe the vocals as ‘enrapturing’ and I concur. DON’T miss them. They are brilliant. And from Brighton. Just like moi.

Liv Dawson

She was one of my immediate playlist adds. I totally wasn’t expecting it when I saw the cover art for ‘Searching’. I’m not entirely sure why… but I was pleasantly surprised by this soul/Disclosure thing she’s got going on. Like, really pleasantly surprised to the point where I think I am solely responsible for the several hundred thousand plays this song has had. I’ve never seen her live, but I’ve heard GREAT things. GO GO GO.

The Amazons

To be honest, ‘Black Magic’ (their latest offering) is SO good, I’d just go to see that song alone. Outrageous guitar riffs that are outrageously catchy. Just a bangin’ rock band, tipped by pretty much everyone at the end of last year and rightly so. I’ve heard their gigs are SUPER rowdy, which sounds like a lot of fun to me. Have a few beers and go get sweaty!


Cinematic Alt Rock… Androgynous… do I know any other big words? This band are new kids on the block. They put on an epic show at St Pancras Old Church, and I can confidently say that every person left with that inspired and overwhelming feeling you get at the end of a Sigur Ros set. Like you’ll never see anything that epic ever again, and you wanna cry a bit. I feel like I’m talking them up too much, but go and find out for yourself… for fans of Radiohead, Florence, Sigur Ros.

Get Inuit

I’m a committed supporter of these guys. If you like Jimmy Eat World, Surfer Blood and Spring King (frequent touring buddies) then you’ll love their take on Alt Indie Pop. They do this thing a lot where it’s super loud the really quite then really loud again… and so on. It’s great to see live. Loads of energy, hooks and melodies for days… and you can’t help but fall in love with lead singer Jamie Glass who’s squeaky vocals and infectious stage banter really set this band apart from the rest in their genre. Another not to be missed!

And that my friends brings me to the end of my list. I can confirm it’s been a turbulent experience, but we got there in the end. There are many other brilliant acts playing that I have not included but I’m sure you will stumble across. My band is also playing if anyone can squeeze us in (you probably can’t now… and I’m not sure I’ll even make the show given that my schedule seems to be quite tight). Have a wonderful time at Live at Leeds, congrats if you’ve read all the way to the end of this. I ramble a lot which is probably why people don’t ask me to do this kinda thing all that much. Natti out x


Live at Leeds takes place on April 29th, tickets are still available. Go see Fickle Friends there as well, obvs.

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