On The Stereo // Silvester

As festival season continues on and our clothes/general lives get muddier and muddier, this year we’re absolutely delighted to be heading to Roskilde in Denmark for the first time ever! With a frankly ludicrous lineup, including Arcade Fire, Justice, The XX, The Weeknd, Father John Misty and countless others, we couldn’t be more hyped. This festival isn’t just about the big names though, so keeping things close to the WTGR ethos, we’ve asked some acts on the lineup to tell us about the best new acts breaking out of Denmark right now. First up, indie pop trio Silvester let us know who are revving their engines right now…


In our opinion Jada is one of the most promising new artists Denmark has seen for a long time. Being both an incredible singer, songwriter and producer, the sky seems to the only limit for this young lady. Jada has become like a sister to Silvester as she is working closely with both Awinbeh and Malthe, which altogether makes her an obvious artist to mention here.

Astrid Sonne

Astrid Sonne is probably the most interesting new artist to look out for on the Copenhagen electronic scene right now. Her background as a classically trained violist is present in ambient movements that appear super-organic and yet liberatingly versatile – an artist who is not afraid to surprise her listener. Rumour has it that there is a lot more material coming from her this year too, so stay tuned.


Smerz is the soundtrack of the party you never want to end. Their tunes combine these enchanting melodies with beautiful clean beats in an atmosphere that is both brutally dark and dreamingly optimistic at the same time. Their live-shows are pure ecstasy.


Phlake have gone 2.0 on their latest single “Ouch” which is this mysterious and minimalistic Urban tune that sounds like flying a jet fighter in slow-motion. Won’t even mention the vocals. If you’re at Roskilde this year you can’t miss them opening The Orange Stage!


Though having existed for a long time, most of the time as “Rangleklods”, we just recently made acquaintance with Blondage on the latest single “Stoned”. The track is a really well-written and well-produced modern pop song, that brings out some of the same emotions that we loved from tracks like MØ’s “Final Song” – but with a unique personal touch – looking forward to what’s to come!

Silvester play Roskilde festival later this month, more details are available here.

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