On The Stereo // Modest

In a WTGR first, we’re absolutely delighted to be heading to Roskilde in Denmark this week. With a frankly ludicrous lineup, including Arcade Fire, Justice, The XX, The Weeknd, Father John Misty and countless others, we couldn’t be more hyped. This festival isn’t just about the big names though, so keeping things close to the WTGR ethos, we’ve asked some acts on the lineup to tell us about the best new acts breaking out of Denmark right now. Next up, dreamy post punkers Modest let us know who they’re listening to from the homeland…

Less win

A great rock band, with a sound and melodic universe that is very unique. Besides that, the music video for “A Thought To Be More” is just phenomenal.


Besides being very good rock music, Yung has the ability to take energy from punk music and melodies from pop. This results in some very good songs. A proof of that, is the song “blanket” which is seen in the live video along with “God”.


Must be one of the most underrated bands from Aarhus. There is a certain vibe in the music which is hard to describe, but it is quite catchy. The melodies will just stick to your brain for at least a week.


Spines is a band with very complicated playings on the all of the instruments. But they do very good job at combining complex music and catching melodies.


There is a carelessness in the music, that is really fascinating. The way that the music is not playing tight. It is fast, loud and wild. The momentum and energy in the song “You’re Blessed” is not very usual, but it really works.

Modest play Roskilde festival this week, more details are available here.

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