Towing Company: Music at Work


Background music is part of the usual background noise at countless workplaces. The radio or a specially created playlist is playing. Hardly anyone really focuses on the music playing quietly in the background while working at towing company san jose, but the benefits and effects are still amazing.

Background music in towing company increases performance

With the right rhythm and a good song in your ear, the work becomes easier, and more can be achieved. A study shows that background music increases performance and productivity.

If you listen to your favorite music, you work harder and use less energy. The result would be better with higher productivity.

Background music in towing company lowers stress

There is a lot going on at work, time is running out, tasks are piling up, the boss is putting pressure on and expectations are high then background music can help reduce the perceived stress. A study from Massachusetts General Hospital showed that music releases less of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

Blood pressure and heart rate drop, breathing becomes slower and more regular, feelings of fear and stress are reduced and the body begins to relax. With the right background music, you can calm down even in nerve-wracking stages, suffer less from the circumstances and maintain your performance.

Background music in towing company increases stamina

Many athletes will know it. With the right music in your ear, you can hold out longer, run longer distances, run faster, and lift larger weights. Background music pays off, especially when it comes to perseverance and stamina.

Background music in the towing company makes you happy

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“Music is a vehicle for sadness but also for joy. And when you succeed in bringing both extremes together, magic arises,” Paul McCartney once said. The Geneva psychologist Marcel Zentner found out in studies with more than 1000 test persons that music influences mood. In other words, if you hear happy, positive melodies, this will immediately show in your emotional state.

This effect is particularly strong when you are listening to your favorite music. The greater the connection to a musical piece, the stronger the effects it can have. But be careful, background music does not only have a positive effect on emotions. If your favorite song is very sad, this will also be noticeable.

YouTube Execs Deny Request to Take Down Music Video with Anti-Asian Lyrics

Despite acknowledging that a 2014 hip-hop song of artist YG is indeed offensive, YouTube execs denied requests to have the music video removed from YoutTube.

A group of YouTube employees asserts that YG’s 2014 song Meet the Flockers” convey Anti-Asian innuendos as the lyrics describe Asians as easy targets for burglary and home invasions. The lyrics teach how and why — as simply locating an Asian house in a Chinese neighborhood will lead home invader to cash because the Chinese do not believe in putting their money in bank accounts.


The controversy over the song started when the YoutTube employees brought the matter up to the company’s Trust & Safety team, requesting to remove the song from the video-sharing platform. However, as response, they received an email from the department’s executive last March 22, indicating that their their request cannot be fulfilled.


Bloomberg reported that the YouTube leaders, nonetheless, agreed to conduct a town hall discussion pertaining to the matter. Mainly because heated comments continued to flood message boards. One comment posted in the company message board said that this is the perfect time to take the lead in the ‘Racial Justice Initiative’ to which 430 agreed by up-voting.


The matter being of current relevance today in which violent anti-Asian attacks are on the rise, such themes are sensitive topics.


YouTube Execs Defend Their Decision to Reject the Request

The outcome of the town hall meeting only reiterated the executives’ decision to reject the request despite agreeing that the video contains offensive content. They stated that YouTube allows videos that pass the standards of Educational, Documentary, Scientific or Artistic (EDSA) context, even if they include violations of the platform’s “hate speech policy.”


They remain resolute with their decision in order to avoid similar occurrences that would lead to the deletion of other music videos in the platform.


The YouTube spokesperson stated that even if employees disagree with the decision, the company encourages employees to share their thoughts and maintain an open culture. YouTube though, requested Bloomberg to keep the names of the executives involved, confidential for security purposes.

The Advantages of Technology to Music


The reconstruction on music business over the years is somewhat because of the technology advancement. Every day, we witness new music-related technology views which strive at making the industry better. While doing the take that tour, the fans were surprised by how the technology helped in online ticket sales, more excellent music quality and most importantly, the ability to communicate with the fans all around the world online via many Internet-based platforms. The statement below highlights the advantages of technology to music.


Provide simple time for artists


The music icons now have fast time courtesy of the developments. They can instantly join a fully working home studio for training before they head to the commercial music studio for rehearsal. Aside from this, they can listen to their music either using the interte or via the use of their own electronic gadgets like laptops and mobile phones.


Raises revenue in music industry

Technology involves more ways to sell music and make revenue through shows and other gigs. In the present times, the traditional methods artists use are the online programs where people either register or buy any of the posted music at a special fee. As per experienced music managers, online sales of both music and comedy tickets are doing more reliable than any other methods. Companies like Tekie also helps in this line of work.


Use of modern music tools

It is a no-brainer that technology has allowed development in all phases of life. Music too has considerably served through the establishment of high-quality material. The industry has seen both changes of the traditional instruments and the opening of new ones with great performance.


Conflict mitigation

With technology, licensing issues and piracy of other people’s music is largely reducing. People can quickly access all the music they want from different online archives making illegal duplication significantly decrease. Where people are expected to pay for multiple licenses to play local music on their interests, such can be done from online platforms with ease.