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3 Tips for Adding Music into Your House

Home speaker system

If you want to have music throughout the house, you should first think about how you can best implement the concept as you build your house with the help of experts like the carpenters. So that you are not on your own, we give you a few tips and tricks.

1. Music throughout the house via cable, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth

If you want to install a system at home that allows you to listen to music in any room, you should first decide well how you want to implement the project. You have three main options.

  • Wi-Fi system: When you buy Internet-enabled smart speakers, you have to worry the least. With speakers such as Sonos or similar products, you have set up a sound system throughout the house in no time at all, you can control it from anywhere and do not have to lay any cables.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth speakers are available in many sizes, shapes, and qualities. They can also be controlled by phones and computers, but usually only offer the possibility to connect a single device at the same time. However, you can connect additional speakers to certain speakers via cable to transfer from one device to several. Note, however, that Bluetooth music is only of good quality over a very short distance.
  • Wired: If you have a wired system, you have to run a number of cables once, but you have a sound system with reliable sound in which no signal can lead to interference. Depending on which device you connect to the control panel, you can also Wi-Fi or Bluetooth systems with the cabling and still build a wireless system.

2. Choose a suitable brand

Depending on which approach you have chosen from point 1, there are different ways to expand your system.

  • If you choose a Wi-Fi system that works via AirPlay or another system, you must note that other devices should also be able to communicate with each other. For example, all devices in a smart home sound system should at best be of the same brand to ensure that all devices can run the same content at the same time. Nevertheless, you should also be able to play content separately in different rooms.
  • The advantage of a wired system is that you have more freedom when it comes to expanding the system. With Copper or Standard Audio Connectors, you can expand your system at any time and do not have to be tied to a brand. However, you should note that you cannot play different content in different rooms, as everything runs via a central input that distributes the music to all speakers.
  • Also, pay attention to which devices your sound system is compatible with. If you choose smart speakers, you should check whether there is an app for your smartphone or not, and whether the transmission from your smartphone is also supported. Also, make sure that the speaker has the voice control you want to use.


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3. Tricks for an ideal smart sound system

If you have chosen a smart speaker system, you have certainly chosen the easiest and most comprehensive way to have music throughout the house. You should also consider the following tips and tricks:

  • The basis for an Internet music system is a good WLAN signal. Make sure beforehand that you have a correspondingly good signal in every room at home.
  • At best, connect one of your smart devices to the router via an Ethernet cable so that it always has a signal and can communicate with the others.
  • Change the Wi-Fi channel of the sound system in the settings. Check beforehand in the router settings which channels are hardly used and disturbed and thus enable a stable connection.
  • Choose not only a room for your speakers but also a suitable position. Depending on where your speaker is located or mounted, an echo can be reduced and the sound can be improved.
  • Select Add-ons for your system. Many smart systems only work from a smartphone with music from the Internet. However, some systems also allow the integration of existing sound systems, e.g. to connect a CD player, a record player, or a television to the entire system. When choosing the brand, also consider whether it can be expanded or not.