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5 Road Trip Tips for Going to Music Festivals

Music Festival


Is it really a summer within the UK if you don’t attend a music festival? Whether you’re visiting Leeds & Reading, RiZE Festival, Bestival, or Creamfields, the primary part of arranging it slow at a music festival is knowing the most effective thanks to getting there. After you have huge bags, a tent, food, and sleeping bags to hold, driving is usually the foremost popular thanks to visiting a music festival if you’re camping out. If you or someone you recognize is driving to a music festival for the primary time, take a glance at our top tips to organize for the festival drive this summer.

Check your car tires and fluids

The first thing to try and do before heading out on the road to a festival is checking your car is suited for the journey. Ensure there are not any cuts or dents to the walls or surface of your tires then confirm to test the tire pressure. Every car requires different tire pressure measurements, so ensure to test your vehicle manual or within the within ledge of the driver’s door. If you wish to grasp tire pressure, the way to check it, and what it should be then for more information.

After you’ve got checked for tire damage and ensured your tire pressure is correct, it’s essential to test all fluids and lubricants in your car. This includes the engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, screenwash, and power-assisted steering fluid.

Tidy your car interior

You often don’t realize what proportion you would like to require to a festival until you are attempting to shut down your car with luggage, whilst trying to suit your friends safely inside too! So, our second step for a secure and sensible drive to a music festival is to neaten the inside of your car. Ensure you remove any unnecessary items, whether it coats thrown within the boot, your gym bag, empty water bottles, or rubbish, removing everything you’ll be able to before packing up together with your necessities could be a clever thanks to sensibly assign the space.

If you wish to grant your car interior the simplest clean of its life before the road trip, then take a look at our orient.

Pack essentially and minimally

Whether you’re camping out for one night or a full week, we all know the sensation of needing to pack quite you would like. You may little doubt want to pack that extra outfit that you just secretly know you won’t wear, or that third pair of trainers just in case the sphere isn’t visiting be muddy…but seriously, who are you kidding? Be sensible along with your packing. Understand that it probably is muddy, so only one pair of wellies will do. Realize you’ll probably find yourself wearing the identical outfit multiple times because it’s both suitable and comfy. Pack one coat, one jumper, one pair of wellies, one bag, one backpack, one camping chair…you catch our drift. The less you pack, the extra space you may have in your car, and also the more well-off you and your passengers are going to be. Why not create a checklist together with your friends and confirm nobody is bringing anything unnecessary on the journey?


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Check the route to the festival

Even if you’ve got a sat-nav, it’s still helpful to print out or write down your exact route. The front-seat passenger should keep a map or print-outs handy just in case there’s a problem along with your sat-nav. Differently to arrange for a music festival drive is to figure out any duplicate routes just in case of accidents or road closures, if you’re unsure where to go, this fashion you won’t be sat panicking on the motorway!

Luckily, most festivals are signposted on the motorway as you drive closer to the venue, with big yellow signs and black lettering. They’re hard to miss, but it’s still important to figure out your route and check before you permit for any accidents, traffic, or road closures.

Understand what to try and do if you break down

It is important to know what you would like to understand if you break down on the motorway. You’ll presumably feel panicked, but if you and your passengers understand how to remain safe on the road then you’ll be making a copy and running and on your thanks to the festival in no time.

The first thing to try and do is ensure you’re in a very safe place. If it’s possible to try and do so, move your vehicle onto a soft verge or berm. If you’re on a sensible motorway, look out for an ‘Emergency Refuge Area’ (ERA) or leave at the following junction. If you can’t physically move out of the lane, activate your hazards and lights if it’s dark too.

Once you’re feeling it’s safe to try and do so, leave the car on the left-hand passenger side and wait behind the barrier at the side of the road. If you can not leave your vehicle and you are feeling as if you and your passengers might be in peril, call a roadside assistance company like the Santa Clara service about your situation.

Stay away from moving traffic and place on your reflective jacket in order that you’ll be seen the least bit times from the road. This can be after you can use your mobile or the emergency phones at the side of the road to ring your roadside assistance to come back and collect you or repair your car if possible.