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Cancellations and Shutdowns of UK Live Music Festivals Have Reached a Critical Point

banner of uk live music festivalA recent study conducted by the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) revealed that currently, UK music festival cancellations have reached a critical point. The results of the study have raised concerns among the leaders of the UK’s live music sector that if the trend continues, it could lead to the end of the live music festival industry.

AIF CEO John Rostron is asking the British government to intervene by providing better support for the sector. The nation has been grappling with the cost of living crisis and debts incurred, which came as a result of numerous adverse events that took place during the past 5 years.

brexit movementApparently, the Brexit movement and the COVID 19 health crisis in 2020, the flooding incidents, inflation, the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine had resulted either in zero or low ticket sales.

The AIF chief remarked

“During the past 5 years live festival promoters had to manage the effects of those events without passing the costs to festival goers.” “The festival attendees in 2023 pose as a testament of the passion and resilience of the live music promoters.“


Unfortunately, the study revealed that the numbers were not enough to sustain some music events

Overview of the Latest AIF Study

Results of the latest AIF study revealed that the more than 600 live music festivals held in 2019 have dwindled down to less than 500. As a matter of fact, only 423 music festivals were held in 2023 in the UK.

Moreover, not all were able to sustain their viability. The latest data gathered by AIF show that some of those who tried to make a post-pandemic comeback in 2022, had cancelled plans for a 2023 event. Others had to shut down permanently due to budget constraints since they failed to attain their financial goals in 2023.

The Barn on the Farm , the Blue Dot and the Standon Calling Festival have ruled out plans of holding their annual festival this year. On a sadder note, the Leopolloza, the NASS Festival and the Long Division Festival have shut down for good,