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Scheduling Instagram Posts for Better Content Management

How to Schedule Instagram PostsInstagram Photos is a caption that can best describe Instagram app’s dedicated section for post scheduling, which aims to reduce the hassles of doing daily social media work. The IG scheduling application ensures that your audience will have content posts or reels to find and read in your IG account.

Consistency is a great factor in Instagram Marketing because irregular content posting can cause disappointment in your audience. Not knowing for how long or how soon you will come up with new content indicates losing interest in sustaining the connections you made with your followers.

Instagram image postOf course if you’re a business owner or an influencer, the assortment of items needing your attention and hard work can be downright gruelling. You lose time to devote to work that is less demanding and has no deadlines.

Those are the instances when you should seriously consider using Instagram’s scheduling tool, which can save you time and make social media posting less of a struggle to carry out.

Bear in mind that this social media platform has more than two billion users, all active and relying on the consistency by which creators come up with new posts. Besides, the site’s algorithm favors accounts that carry on with consistency, their IG posts will likely appear at the top of news feeds.

This probably explains why Forbes’ analysts contend that scheduling Instagram posts can increase IG-generated revenues by at least 23%.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Instagram’s scheduling application can organize content in batches so you can schedule all posts at once. Doing so helps build a social, business or marketing community online.

Step by step guide in scheduling IG posts in one’s Instagram account, business or otherwise.

1. Tap on Post or Reel of a live and active Instagram App. Choose the photo or video programmed for scheduling, add a title and use effects and filters to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the images.

2. Tap Android if applicable or tap Next if using an iOS device.

3. Tap on the advanced settings option.

4. Tap the Schedule button and then set the time and date of posting, which should not be more than 75 days from the date the post was scheduled.

5. Tap Done and then tap Schedule to set the publ;ishing dates of the Photos or the Reels.

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