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Tips To Be A Successful DJ – Picking The Right Equipment

If you are confused as to what to get for your DJing goals, if you are not certain in your skills in DJ mixing, this post will give you how to choose the best equipment and how to prepare your mixers for your listeners. DJing is expensive because in order to become competitive in DJing, you will need to invest in equipment which alone will cost you tons of money.


Let us suppose you never had any kind of training and don’t have the right equipment for mixing. The very first thing you need to do is put plenty of time finding the right DJ Controller. This is essential in DJing because FX and sound quality are determined by the Controller grade you are using. There are many companies that offer a good and dependable Mixer Controller. There are also cheap beginner equipment but the quality of your mixing could be compromised. The best mixing equipment that will allow you the best sound quality can range from 7K to 50K.


Take The First Lessons In DJing



As soon as you have chosen the device that meets your needs and level of creativity. But you can’t go on and start mixing just yet. Mixing calls for time, patience and of course your skills in music. Prior to beginning, learn the type of music you intend on mixing. In DJing, you want to know about the beats and measures in every drop. You want to know the span of time the rises last and the intros and the outros. When you know all of these, you can start mixing music.


When you perfected your mixing skill, you will want to raise your exposure, it is strongly suggested that you start a YouTube channel exhibiting a few of your mixing abilities. This implies purchasing a good camera so that the quality of your video is in high definition. Individuals would like to see what you are working on while tuning in to your music. Therefore, you want to capture your music and your mixing skills with an excellent camera.


It is also advised to start a SoundCloud account to exhibit your songs but without the video. For this you need to have a well taken picture for that professional look. Make sure you also create an Instagram to showcase any music coming out. Having an Instagram account also allows you to gain followers and connect with other DJs.


Soon, you may want to invest in making a music website to keep all your compilations and for your followers to easily download your music without the hassle. So have fun DJing. Keep on practicing and everything will fall into place.