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Top 3 Best Songs to Listen When Traveling



So it happened that you are going to travel, say a road trip, a short vacay on the interstate, or you are planning to visit other countries— most likely, the best thing you need to be packing with you is your headphone and good travel-like playlist.


Let’s accept it! Road trips are not complete without having the best car songs, you and your friends singing in the car? Amazing! Or let alone a 3-hour plane ride and you just need the vibe going, so plugged in your headphones and play the playlist.


We all have been there— so here are a few songs you should listen to when traveling.

Travel Songs You Can Relate To


Traveling is fun, and the music adds more thrill to it!


Basically, your travel songs take you back to remembering the fun, sad, crazy, wild, and amazing trip experience you had and will be having.


Here is our take to our top song suggestions to listen to while traveling with

1. A Thousand Miles — Vanessa Carlton

“Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles. If I could just see you tonight” we all can relate to this song verse. If you are most likely traveling to see someone special then this song is definitely for you. It exactly gives you the kind of vibes and excitement seeing that someone special.

2. On Top of the Whole World — Imagine Dragons

To love deeply and to live in the moment— this is definitely the message this song is saying. It kind of gives you the vibes that makes you want to fall in love at the moment, live life and take risks on adventures. The melody kind of sings to you to meet new friends and to never be afraid of exploring the world. Exactly the kind of song we need to hear while traveling.

3. You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home— Hannah Montanna (Miley Cyrus)

Who does not love the movie when it tells us so much more about loving our home? That is exactly how this lyrics of the song goes “You can say goodbye, and you can say hello. But you’ll always find your way back home”. We all need this inspiration while traveling, we may meet new horizons and opportunities as we go travel and see the world but nothing can ever compare to the feeling of home.