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Music And Fashion Trend Setters

Music and Fashion, although the relationship between fashion and music sometimes seems complicated, love does indeed exist. It is often a fling of a season, sometimes a year-long marriage without affairs.


Fashion Trend Setters

Fashion trends are often influenced by what is going on in the music world. In recent years, sports and streetwear influences have dominated the fashion scene. The L / Z 2019 collections are full of it. Guess three times which music trend is by far the most popular right now? Indeed: hip hop. A trend that has been visible for decades. When Bob Dylan sings his protest songs in the sixties and seventies, you see at the same time the rise of ‘workwear’: an ode to the working class and the corresponding way of dressing. Think of jeans, simple checkered blouses, and the best work boots for men. In the mid-1970s, the Sex Pistols and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood forged a close bond.


One And One Is Two


After all, the punks that go wild fit perfectly with the anarchist ideas of the British designer. When Nirvana reached its musical peak in the early nineties, the grunge look also reigned. The then still young designer Marc Jacobs even gets into trouble because of his daring grungy collection: he is fired by his employer Perry Ellis. Jacobs doesn’t grieve for long, builds his own empire and soon converts millions. The outfits of Seattle grunge bands, including Nirvana with Kurt Cobain as the ultimate banner, form a counterpart to the stereotypical tough American macho clothing.


The Poor Slob Look


Fashion houses like Balenciaga and Vetements seize today back to that time and launch a ‘poor slob look, but with a hefty price tag. At the same time, hip hop is becoming an increasingly important music movement. Rap – collective Wu-Tang Clan is one of the first bands to launch its own clothing line, Wu Wear. Although in terms of the musical success they have never been able to match their debut album from 1993, the outfits are still a hit to this day. Wu Wear proves to be an inspiration to many others from the same scene, because not much later follow Jay Z, Sean Combs, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, and Pusha T, just to name a few. With varying success, by the way.


Fashion for Emerging Talents


Yet there are also fashion houses that opt ​​for collaboration with emerging talents. Perhaps to show that they are at the forefront when it comes to discovering new faces. For example, a fashion house such as Saint Laurent bombed our cool cover model Julia Cumming into a campaign face, while this season opted for the artistic Charlotte Gainsbourg. (Incidentally, her mother, the legendary Jane Birkin, sang during the Gucci show .) Let’s just say: the right brand ambassador choosing is crucial. And authenticity is the code word. Because only a credible marriage will help both parties. What? A cool image. A lot of publicity. And sales. Very occasionally a fashion label gets something extra in return. Like a tailor-made song: ” Tom Ford ” sings Jay Z, ” Versace ” raps Migos. Priceless.