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Bob Marley and His Music’s Contribution To The World

Bob Marley


“Do not gain the world and lose your soul; intellect is far much better than gold or silver.”

Jamaica’s favorite son, that the spiritual genius of the years and the days to come, Bob Marley has been the beacon of peace, hope, and unity within a world separated by strife and conflict. His songs, classic in its own melody, have spirits of all ages discovering a frequent route to a larger conscience — the sort his tunes spread.

While virtually all of Marley’s eleven kids have chosen to continue their dad’s lyrical heritage, all of them stand strong on a single stage. Marley always thought that tunes should comprise powerful, symbolic messages into plagiarizing unity and enthusiasm in the listeners and embolden them to struggle for a cause they consider in.

Marley’s son, Stephen, a gifted musician in his own right, agrees with his dad’s call for a larger cause through songs. “We want more aware songs, our society requires an influx of awareness, songs have such a significant impact, it includes a responsibility. The purpose of music is that it brings folks together. Know the duty which accompanies this ability, the effect you’ve got on the masses,” he told The Telegraph.

For Marley, songs have been the crucial tool to make the masses aware of the injustices of the planet. His soulful lyrics were so effective that today his tunes remain a favorite for generations equally. Lately, New Zealand underwent a funny disposition when Marley lovers started to steal the poster billboards, that can be advertisements a Bob Marley tribute concert played with a number of New Zealand’s leading musicians in Kainui Rd Vineyard.

A guy who fought against the hypocrisies of warfare, concrete jungles, and afterward cancer, Marley’s music constantly known to get a better tomorrow asking individuals to feel that however black the clouds, the sunlight would really always glow tomorrow and there was a chance for salvation.

On his 72nd birthday, we recall the legend by observing some of the strongest songs that take messages which ring true until this day.

Get up, stand up


“You can fool some people sometimes

However, You could not fool all of the people All of the time

And today we see the mild

You stand up for your rights”

Composed by Marley and Peter Tosh in 1973, that is thought to be one of the planet’s biggest protest songs and among Marley’s greatest. Originally commissioned to invite the people of Jamaica to have a stand against racism and struggle for their faith, the straightforward but fair plea imbibed from the lyrics achieved to the remainder of earth. These days, it’s a habit of choosing a firm stand against the present evils of racism, sexism, and all sorts of anti-humanitarian practices.


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Redemption song


“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds

Have no fear for atomic energy’

Cause none of them can stop the time”

Possibly the most honest song against bitterness and war which has been made, Marley’s Redemption song calls out from the ills of their collective institution, people who glorify the custom of ‘control’. His words mean to plagiarize faith in his listeners, so which regardless of the ability of their oppressor, each person is liberated in your mind, body, and soul. Some have deemed this type of musical demonstration against the background of colonization confronted by his people along with a lot more victims around the world.

War (No longer problem)


“That until there is no more

First-class and second class citizens of any state

Until the color of a person’s skin Is of no more significance than the color of the eyes –

Me say war”

A straightforward message contrary to the truth of racism, classism, poverty, Marley’s War is really a plea to try towards a better universe, one without branches and obstacles. Though many of the tunes had been localized, this renowned amount has been a missive to the total planet for unity and unity. The words were in part taken in the language which the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I, the Rastafarian ace, had left in a speech to the United Nations. The words, however, shifted, ring true for the Earth, particularly in light of their worldwide conflicts petering from the horizon.

Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)


“Them belly full but we hungry

A hungry mob is a angry mob

An rain a-fall but the dirt it tough;

A kettle a-cook but the food no ‘nough”

Initially published as part of Natty Dread, it is clearly one of Marley’s best selections to do in theatres. While the tune indicates that additional oppression from the moneyed classes could cause some kind of revolution in the masses, in addition, it preaches calmness in the latter. The lyrics continue to promote the masses to look for out pleasure amidst the anguish — through songs, dancing, faith, or some other closeness for their own pain. It talks about the larger power of these masses, so telling them ‘currently the weak must get strong’. Together with the continuing struggles between the power and the masses throughout the world, this tune rings true even now since, as Marley place it, the electricity remains in our control.

There may not be another Bob Marley, ” a guy who watched music for a gift to be shared and cultivated for a larger cause, an artist who fought to the individuals, through each tune. Bob’s so famous that he has been in graphics and paintings such as one from Paint by Numbers. Happy birthday on the Tuff Gong of this world!